- Meg Chiang

After interviewing over dozens of realtors, I hired Jennifer based on her professionalism, knowledge of my neighborhood, and her genuine warmth. I appreciated the care that Jennifer took in marketing and showing my property, and her timely updates kept me informed. I would highly recommend Jennifer to all of my friends, family members, and business associates.

- Cathy Scott

Jennifer is straightforward in her business dealings. She’s not only a professional but, on top of that, she’s pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Jennifer and would not hesitate to work with her again.

- Amy Dichter

Jennifer, We just got in two days ago, had the best 9 day road trip getting out here, with the cat and the kid! The movers arrive today, and I think we’re all set. Thank you SO much for all of your help with everything. I still can’t believe how easy you made this whole process. Without you, we definitely would not have found a place in that short amount of time during which we had to look… If anyone out here ever asks me for a realtor for assistance, I will not hesitate to send them your way! Thanks again

- Mike McCall

It is a PLEASURE to recommend Jennifer with regards to any real estate transaction. I have found her to be extremely diligent, honest, enthusiastic and helpful. She is a true professional who treats not only clients, but agents with 100% respect.

- Jonathan A. Feldheim, Esq.

Having worked with, advised and represented hundreds of agents in California, Jennifer is one of the sharpest, most knowledgeable and hardworking agents I've known, not to mention friendly, easygoing and kind. It is no accident that it is my pleasure to work with her directly and happy to trust her with my reputation. If there were a list of Best CA Realtors Under 30, Jennifer would definitely have to be on it.

- Sagar Parikh, Esq.

Jenny was great to work with. She was very communicative, easy to reach, answered all of my questions, and helped me find a house that I am very happy with. She was great in negotiating a good deal and came up with creative ways to help me complete the purchase. I would definitely recommend her to anybody who is looking to buy a home.

- SMRS Investments

Thank you so much Jennifer! Your professionalism and communication skills definitely worked well with our real estate needs. You're accountable, professional, and above all: awesome! I'll definitely be referring you to everyone and anyone I know that needs to lease/buy in LA.

- Ryan Neuman

Jennifer was a pleasure to work with, she was knowledgeable of the entire process and helped us achieve all of our objectives in the purchase of our home. I would definitely recommend her and work with her again.

- Rebecca Irwin

Jennifer is very knowledgeable and professional. We sold a property that was tenant occupied (which can become a nightmare) and she helped me every step of the way. The tenant needed to be served a 60 day notice at the beginning of escrow and I believe that we closed in 62 days. This felt like a miracle because the tenants were not motivated to leave. She always returned my phone calls promptly and answered all of my texts. I felt comfortable knowing that Jennifer was on my team. I would highly recommend Jennifer for all real estate transactions.

- Suzanne Neuman

Jennifer is smart, savvy, and easy to work with. She was instrumental is negotiating our home purchase and her expertise every step of the way made the process much better, given the natural stresses of home buying. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for an agent without hesitation.

- Sabah Onassis

Jennifer has been beyond helpful when it came down to renting our beautiful newly built home in the heart of Hollywood. She worked diligently while keeping close communication with me throughout the whole process. She was able to bring a number of offers and potential tenants which allowed me to have a variety of individuals to assess and choose from. Jennifer is a quality agent who is best fit for quality homes. We will definitely continue having her represent our beautiful properties as she seems to also have good luck along with her professionalism!

- Marvin Bruckmann

Jennifer was super kind, positive, funny and is the most responsive Agent I have ever met. She replies to texts at any time of the day and meets with you any time its needed. She negotiated the rent to the amount I was comfortable with and contacted the owners with questions I had in order to get me answers on the spot. I would totally recommend her.

- Angela, Luke, and Ruby

"Thank you for your patience, support and dedicated help with finding a property for us."

- Angela Iuorno

Jennifer is one of the best real estate agents I know. She is intelligent, resourceful, hard-working and a shrewd negotiator. She works well under pressure and delivers impeccable client service. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a real estate expert to help them navigate the market.

- Jaime W.

Jennifer is AMAZING! She is pleasure to work with, extremely hardworking, and always such a positive energetic individual. Regardless the transaction, she will make it happen in order to meet her client's expectations and goals.

- Sepi R.

I would highly recommend Jenny as a knowledgeable and friendly real estate professional. She is organized, an excellent communicator and skilled with detailed knowledge of the Los Angeles real estate market. Jenny is a genuinely caring person and it is quite clear that she truly cares about her clients and professionals she works with. I strongly endorse Jenny.

- Brandon Hobbs

Jennifer represents an elite class of real estate professionals and stands out among the agents in LA. I am pleased to have had an opportunity to partner with her and couldn't have been happier with the results garnered.

- Sam Stein

"Jennifer is a top notch professional that carries the knowledge and expertise to accommodate any client's situation. She truly puts her clients' needs first, which seems to be rare these days. We have worked together for a few years now and I look forward to many more. If you have a client or are a client looking for an agent that will close, she is the real deal."

- Sheri Fults

I owned a luxury condo in very busy, touristy Hollywood neighborhood & was in doubt has to how best to sell my unit, having had a previous unsuccessful sales attempt a year earlier. Jennifer walked me past my doubts and assured me she and her team could provide the strategic marketing to bring multiple offers. She created a sophisticated marketing campaign, which generated multiple offers, and delivered a cash buyer and a 14 day close, all within 10 days of the initial listing. She and her team consistently under promise and over deliver. Her team even thru escrow was fast, responsive, and effective. She's smart, has impeccable ethics, and she and her team brought extraordinary value every step of the transaction. She's one of a kind